Our vision is to be the most trustable security video platform worldwide

Easy and secure camera connection

AngelBox is an encrypted cloud tunnel for all your cameras. No open ports to the internet are left behind.

Easy and secure user authorization

Use your existing online identities and sign-in easily and securely, even using built-in two factor authentication including Apple Face ID, Touch ID and more.

Encrypted Amazon's AWS S3 storage

If you want us to record your video, we will store it in Amazon S3 cloud infrastructure with SSL protection.

Founder and CEO of Angelcam

“We know the content we are working with can be very sensitive. No matter whether it’s a presence, a location, live or recorded audio and video, we treat it the same as working with our own families' content.

I and many of the Angelcam team have their homes connected to the platform, so we really eat our own dog food.”

Petr Ocasek CEO, Co-founder

Our principles


Help our customers to understand and mitigate the risk of using Angelcam, with focus on remotely connected secured security cameras


Store potentially sensitive data only with clear consent and only for the time period specified


Never access a user’s sensitive data without customer’s explicit consent.


Be sure users know what they are signing up for.

In plain English. We believe that people are smart. Some people want to share more than others. Ask them. Let them know precisely what we are going to do with their data. (Here we are inspired by Steve Jobs)

Key Security Concepts

Customer privacy and data security are fundamental drivers and decision-makers for building all Angelcam services. In Angelcam we are aware that security is a never-ending continuous process and we’re consistently working on its improvements. Below you can find key security concepts implemented in our infrastructure, applications, and policies.


Safe password storage

Account passwords are stored using bcrypt hashing algorithm. Camera credentials including camera network addresses are encrypted using AES.


Data storage

All Angelcam data are stored in Amazon Web Services in regions the US or Europe, based on user location when connecting camera. Video recordings are stored in encrypted form.


Encrypted communication

All our applications and API endpoints are secured with TLS. The connection between cameras and Angelcam cloud is secured with TLS in case the camera is connected using Angelcam Connector or connected via AngelBox. Angelcam Connector is an open-source project hosted on Github.


PCI Obligations

All payments to Angelcam are processed via our payment processor FastSpring. More information about Fastpring security and compliance.


Credentials protected against brute-force

Our applications have built-in protection against too many attempts to log into your account.


Infrastructure incident and availability Transparency

All outages or security incidents are reported at https://status.angelcam.com/ Customers can subscribe to notifications.

Check out our Terms of views, Privacy policy and Data Processing Agreement

How we monitor that everything is running as it should be

Every Angelcam component is monitored and any abnormal behavior is automatically escalated to Pager Duty for Incident Management. All logs are aggregated and analyzed in Loggly. In-depth service performance is monitored with New Relic and code-level errors are handled by Sentry. The availability of our services is monitored by StatusCake from multiple regions. All hosts and networking performance is thoroughly monitored via Zabbix. Prometheus gathers data from containers and services. Time series data are visualized in Grafana’s Dashboard for a quick overview. For AWS resources CloudWatch and CloudTrail are utilized for capturing any strange behavior.

Who can access your video and when?

Beside legal requirements when Angelcam may be required to provide a data to a government institutions, access to customer data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their job. Video from cameras can be viewed by an employee only with the explicit consent of the customer. Any access to the customer’s video stream by an employee is logged and can be audited.

Have you found something?

If you believe you have found a vulnerability in one of our services please contact us.