How does it work?

What is Angelcam?

One cloud platform for all your security cameras, enabling you to record to the cloud or broadcast publicly.

All security cameras in one system

Our platform helps companies unify all their security cameras into a single system, regardless of brand or number of locations.

Record to the cloud or broadcast publicly

Connected? Save your security camera recordings to the cloud for up to 3 years, or livestream to your website.

Remotely access your security cameras anytime, anywhere

With Angelcam, you can access your security cameras live 24/7, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Do you want to verify the compatibility of your cameras with our system?

Try our compatibility test for free

How it works?

Step 1

Choose your own device

AngelBox or AngelCamera One can connect more than 200 brands of security cameras.

If you have only Axis cameras, simply install our application in the cameras and connect them to Angelcam.

Step 2

Create an account and get Essentials plan

Essentials plan is an easy way to monitor 24/7 and share up to 10 of your security cameras.

Your first 21 days of the Essentials plan are free. For easy remote access, download our applications for iOS or Android.

Step 3

Record to cloud or broadcast publicly

Start using our other services. Record your security cameras to the cloud with up to 3 years of history, or broadcast them publicly on your website.

Over 50,000 cameras are connected to our system

Government & Institutions

& Finance

Transportation & Manufacturing

& Industry

Do you need to connect more than 10 cameras?

We are happy to help. Book a call with our CEO or email us. We'll contact you within 24 hours.

Still not sure?

Verify the compatibility of your cameras with our system

We always strive to save our customers' money. Test your manufacturer's cameras with our system at no cost.

Verify my cameras

Do you want to connect AngelBox with your security camera?

Check out the step-by-step guide for connecting your AngelBox.

Step by step guide

Do you want to connect AngelCamera One to your camera system?

We'll show you how to connect your AngelCamera One to your network.

Show me how

Couldn't find answers to your questions?

Go to the FAQ section to find answers to any question about the Angelcam platform.