Timelapse is the best solution for construction sites as we can help you with tracking and documenting the whole process. Save time by compressing a long recording of your construction into a shorter video.

Over 50.000 cameras connected to our system

Track your progress

Project managers and investors can track the time-lapsed daily progress of your construction, which saves for all parties.

Documentation of changes

Manage and monitor the construction progress by watching the daily changes and modifications on the site.

Present your project

Create a visual history of the project and show it to your investors, customers or the public.


Monitor safety on the construction site and identify potential risks and hazards.


Create impressive timelapse videos of your construction, which will help you attract new business opportunities.

Capture the moment

Take quick snapshots from your timelapse and share the progress with your colleagues.

Start using Timelapse today and share your project to engage more customers

Angelcam helps manufacturing plants, factories, small and medium-sized businesses in protecting their assets and saving resources. Thanks to our technology, every business can utilize their existing camera system for Cloud recording, Broadcasting or Timelapse services. Connect your cameras to our ecosystem like others with their 50.000 cameras!

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  • daily summary in your email
  • be notified when your camera is offline
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If you have special requirements, such as multiple locations, multiple cameras in one place, longer cloud storage for your recordings, or any other specific plan, please feel free to contact us.

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    AngelCamera One, one of the world's first encrypted ones, can connect all your cameras, regardless of the manufacturer, to the Angelcam system.
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    This allows you to start using the Timelapse service fast, all while having a 100% money back guarantee.
Lifetime warranty, and 100% money back guarantee

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