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Embed video seamlessly with Angelcam, chosen by global leaders like Windy App with over 10 million users. Join us to enhance your video solutions today.

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Do you need help to implement your business idea?


Who are we here to support and assist?

Are you from a marketing department, development team, or a large corporation? Our team of developers will happily work with you to find a functional solution to fulfill your needs.


What kind of business needs do we satisfy?

Do you need to manage marketing activities, or monitor remote locations through a single device? We can assist you in connecting dozens or even hundreds of cameras into one secure interface.


How can we help you embed your videos?

We will assist you in implementing your videos into any system you prefer. You can embed your videos to systems such as WordPress, WebFlow, Wix, Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux or SCADA.


Could your developers assist with our project?

Developers support developers. We will be happy to run developer hackathon with you.


What kind of technology do we use for our projects?

We work with Python, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, iOS, Django, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes or JavaScript.


What can be connected to your platform?

Our API or Open-source code can help you connect our system to anything you might need, such as fire or water sensors, speakers, fog cannon etc.


What can we discuss together?

Pricing models, integration methods, cloud storage options or any other needs.


What experience do you have with hardware and software?

We have a history of manufacturing cameras or integrating our secure firmware into cameras, nearing 10 years. We are ready to help you choose the best solution for you.


How many camera can we integrate into your system?

With one of our clients we are able to connect 10 000 cameras. We will show you how our system works and other installations, which will suit your needs.

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Schedule a demo presentation of our solutions, and we will demonstrate the capabilities of our system to you.

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