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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

by Angelcam | Free +

Showing live video from your camera can be a great way how to get more engaged customers or supporters to your website.

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Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

by Angelcam

Record video from your security cameras and store it securely into the cloud.

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Time Lapse

Time Lapse video is a great way to show the progression of your long term project or a cool event in just one minute.

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Private Live View

Watch the live video from all your network cameras in any browser on your smartphone, PC or tablet. Everything private and securely protected by your password.

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Count Waiting Time

How long do people wait at the cash register and how long is the line at various times of the day? Get the answers in an easy to read graph.

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To measure how quickly vehicles drive is crucial for the safety on the roads. Based on the speed patterns can be then set better traffic rules that may prevent car accidents or even save lives.

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Car Counting

While using current camera infrastructure Car Counting app, can help municipalities to make important decisions about the traffic in their city.

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