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Angelcam is a self-installed solution, which runs securely right away—no matter the manufacturer of your camera/sensor. Now, you can have 10 times fewer false alarms, scare off possible burglars, watch live, record in the cloud or broadcast your cameras publicly with ease. Choose whatever you need. Angelcam works best as a combination of the AngelBox, our powerful device, and the Angelcam app.

Over 50,000 cameras across 160 countries use Angelcam

  • Government of Gibraltar

    Government of Gibraltar recently announced its intention to place cameras near the frontier in order that the state of the frontier queue could be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This monitoring would serve a dual purpose: it would allow people wishing to go into Spain to check the length of the queue and it would also provide useful evidence for the EU Commission. The cameras are now in position and operational. The footage is available to everyone live on the internet via http://www.frontierqueue.gi. One camera provides images of traffic in the loop whilst the other camera is directed towards traffic on Winston Churchill Avenue.

Companies that worked with us

Angelcam also empowers professional developers with API, a unified interface between applications and camera-enabled devices, sensors, alarms, and other related third-party devices. Check it out.