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No software
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Download the Angelcam app for iPhone or Android and access your IP camera from anywhere.

The world of IP cameras is evolving. And you?

For decades, CCTV was slow to evolve; one could not view cameras of different brands conveniently in one place. We founded angelcam to change that.

A secure, easy-to-use platform has finally arrived. With angelcam, one can simply connect, consume footage on any device, and get more from their security camera with angelcam apps - anytime, anywhere. Will you join the evolution?

Customer Stories

See how easily did our customers solve their security integrating with Angelcam.


Security company

How can Central Monitoring Station view video using any camera brands at one place? In cloud!



Head of family

How can a father monitor two family houses simultaneously, comfortably and from anywhere?


Your security camera is perfectly safe with us

Security camera

The angelcam service backs up videos
to reliable servers.

Security in cloud

When we say security, we mean it

Angelcam stores videos in Amazon S3,
the industry’s most-trusted service.

Everything happens through HTTPS
to protecting your data and privacy.

Trusted by the likes of National Corvette Museum, National Park Service & others.

Our customers seem to love us

The angelcam team is always here to help and share our expertise.

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Meet Paul, a security camera enthusiast and your guru
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