AngelBox can connect more than 200 camera brands to the cloud within a minute

AngelBox quickly, securely, and reliably detects and connects up to 10 of your existing IP cameras to the cloud.

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Benefits of AngelBox

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    Plug & play device that connects 200+ camera brands to the Angelcam cloud
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    Connect up to 10 cameras
    AngelBox handles up to 20 Mbps of traffic. Standard camera has an average bitrate 2 Mbps.
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    Cloud recording as a DVR/NVR backup alternative
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    Secure, reliable, and encrypted connection to Angelcam cloud
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    Options to purchase 24/7 cloud storage for all your cameras, or live broadcasting to your website or embed streams into your system (SCADA, AVENSOR)
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    Mobile apps for iOS and Android
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    Sharing the camera stream with anyone
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    Notification when cameras are offline
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    Video tutorial of how it works
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    Free support
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    Global shipping
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    Lifetime warranty, and 100% money back guarantee

How to start?


Order AngelBox to connect all your security cameras into one place.


Create your account quickly and get your first 21 days of the Essentials plan for free.


Monitor & share your cameras, or upgrade to cloud recording, broadcasting, or timelapse.

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Over 50,000 cameras connected to our system

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Please verify the compatibility of your camera(s) with our system.
We always strive to save our customers' money. Test your manufacturer's cameras with our system at no cost.

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We are excited to introduce our products and solutions

Essentials plan

Monitor and share up to 10 security cameras in real-time, regardless of brand, with our cloud-based security camera system.

Cloud recording

Evidence is always at your fingertips. Easily playback your footage with a history of up to 3 years.


Broadcast live streaming video from your IP camera to the public to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Real-time security (RTS)

Deter intruders with your voice, fog cannons, or simply let the alarm monitoring station take control.


Record changes that take place slowly over time.