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The CEO of Angelcam, also a co-founder of successful ventures such as StartupYard and Node5, is ready to share extensive business knowledge, security camera expertise, and innovative solutions with startups and innovators. Join us in driving safety and innovation forward.

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Are you a startup or innovative agency that solves video analysis, using artificial intelligence, for example?

We would love to hear your idea and find a way for you to use our experience and technology.


What specific benefits will Angelcam offer in our cooperation?

We can provide you with our hardware and software, or offer your product or service to our customers to whom your solution brings additional value.


What kind of solutions are interesting for Angelcam customers?

The use of AI for video analysis at the health and asset protection level is highly appreciated by our customers. We are looking for solutions that provide the highest level of protection for people and their assets.


Would we be able to provide you with financing for our project?

We do not offer direct funding for projects. We are interested in projects that are already operational, and we can assist in scaling them up and acquiring more customers.


Do we have an API or resources that you can use?

Our API and open-source code can help you connect our system to anything you might need, such as fire or water sensors, speakers, fog cannon etc.


Could your developers assist with our project?

Developers support developers. We will be happy to run developer hackathon with you.


What kind of technology do we use for our projects?

We work with Python, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, iOS, Django, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes or JavaScript.

Need demo?

Schedule a demo presentation of our solutions, and we will demonstrate the capabilities of our system to you.

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