Sudden Falls and Accidents Detection

Ensure the safety of individuals with reduced mobility or those in elderly care facilities by automatically detecting sudden falls or domestic accidents, delivering immediate notifications to caregivers or family members. This can also be used to monitor potential domestic hazards like a person leaving the stove on, forgetting to turn off running water, and other household dangers. By leveraging AI, the safety and well-being of those who need special care can be greatly enhanced.

Features and benefits

How it works

  • Real-time Data Collection: Utilizes cameras, smartphones, smartwatches and motion detectors to gather data continuously.
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation: Tracks motion and location of monitored individuals in real-time.
  • AI Response: In case of a sudden fall, unusual movement or accident, AI swiftly evaluates the event and immediately triggers an alert, notifying caregivers, doctors, or family members for prompt intervention.


  • Rapid Response: Enables fast and efficient responses to potential threats, emergencies and other time-sensitive events.
  • Cost Reduction: Lowers security and surveillance costs by upgrading existing security systems with automation and optimization of surveillance and management processes.
  • Device Connectivity: Connects with other devices such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, smartwatches, and smartphones.
  • Brand Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with over 200 brands of cameras and devices.
  • Enhanced Safety: Helps individuals with risk factors create a safer environment.

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