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Developing excellent, user-friendly products, we've met stringent criteria. Join us to experience innovative technology. Explore how our solutions can elevate your business, just like Jablotron, operating in 73 countries with $150M in revenue.

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Are you looking for a tailor-made or white label solution for you business?

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What kind of solutions are you able to prepare?

If you need 200 cameras or more, we will provide a custom solution, and help you choose the right cameras. We will also offer updated firmware and customer support, so that you can start distributing your new products soon.


Are you a hardware or a software company?

We offer both hardware and software solutions. We develop our firmware for the cameras in-house, which gives us the necessary freedom and full control.


What types of services do we offer?

We can connect and integrate your cameras, allowing you to watch and share the video through our application, which allows you 24/7 surveillance. We also offer Cloud storage for each camera separately from 3 days for up to 3 years, Broadcasting service, Timelapse, API, Open-source code and support during the implementation.


Which industries or sectors is our solution in?

You will find us in the energy sector, healthcare or insurance. Our products are also very popular with Research & Development departments.


Are we able to provide a demo or product samples?

Of course we can. We are happy to schedule a demo presentation and share our products with you, allowing you to try them in person.


What can be connected to your platform?

Our API or Open-source code can help you connect our system to anything you might need, such as fire or water sensors, speakers, fog cannon etc.

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Schedule a demo presentation of our solutions, and we will demonstrate the capabilities of our system to you.

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