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"Years ago, we connected cameras worldwide into a single, secure application, now serving our customers, developers, and camera/NVR producers with seamless connectivity to over 200 brands." – Peter, Angelcam co-founder and CEO

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We are excited to introduce our products and solutions, which can help people and companies around the world with their footage, Cloud recording, Broadcasting, Timelapse or Real-time security.  

Essentials plan

Monitor and share up to 10 security cameras in real-time, regardless of brand, with our cloud-based security camera system.

Cloud recording

Evidence is always at your fingertips. Easily playback your footage with a history of up to 3 years.


Broadcast live streaming video from your IP camera to the public to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Real-time security (RTS)

Deter intruders with your voice, fog cannons, or simply let the alarm monitoring station take control.


Record changes that take place slowly over time.

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