Unlock the full potential of your security and monitoring systems with AI

Design and build custom AI solutions for any cameras using our intuitive platform and developer tools.

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Why choose our custom AI integration solutions for your security systems?


Partner with Experts

Leverage over 14 years of industry expertise to transform your security and surveillance systems


Increase System Longevity

Enhance and extend the lifespan of your existing security systems with custom AI upgrades


Brand Compatibility

Connect seamlessly with over 200 brands of IP cameras, speakers, and motion sensors


Greater Cost Savings

Significantly lower your monitoring and surveillance expenses with our custom AI solutions


Fast Actionable Responses

Mitigate risks and respond quickly to potential threats with greater precision and efficiency


Remote Deployment

Deploy solutions in locations where it is difficult to secure human personnel or human presence is limited

For developers

Turn your IP cameras into smart monitoring devices with our tools


Open-source code


Angelcam connector

Business process

How to kickstart your own custom AI solution with us

Project Details

Tell us about your project specific needs and requirements

Tailored Solutions

We'll design the optimal AI solution and initiate a pilot project

Pilot Rollout

You'll receive full assistance during the pilot implementation

Evaluate Benefits

Assess the solution's effectiveness and advantages

Ongoing Support

We’ll handle continuous improvements and supporttailored to your needs

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