Professional remote surveillance of your property

Conducted by a dedicated security team and scheduled for your convenience

Set up surveillance schedule

If security was breached or camera isn’t working properly, you’ll be notified within 90 seconds via email and text message.

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Protect your business or home

Start by creating a surveillance schedule in our online interface. For example, choose every working day between 6 and 7 PM.

During the times you scheduled, a certified security professional will connect remotely to your cameras and evaluate the situation.

Cameras monitored by security team

Get notified when the monitoring services launch.

Construction Sites

& Outdoor Industrial Facilities


& Residential Properties


During every camera check, our operators look for warning signs of a potential incident.

Professional surveillance by certified security staff





Camera issues


Open doors

Lights on







Suspicious movement

Bad lighting

Blocked view

Distorted image


With Custom Monitoring, you define the parameters of what you want monitored, from checking to see if a package has arrived to verifying whether or not your garage door is closed.

Custom monitoring:

Tell us what to check for

Camera status checking

Get notified when the monitoring services launch.

*Our security operators can check up to 4 cameras at once. To check 5 and more cameras, additional subscriptions need to be purchased.

Coming soon

Price per check (includes 4 cameras*).

Billed monthly.



Checking for any activity predefined by you

Remote Alarm Verification

Potential incident monitoring

Camera status checking





Price per check (includes 4 cameras*).

Billed monthly.

Potential incident monitoring

The vast majority of alarms turn out to be false, causing unnecessary stress and frustration.

When an alarm on your property is triggered, the situation is visually verified by a remote security team, allowing you to take appropriate action when required. 

Coming soon

In development

With our pay-as-you-go pricing, it’s easy to tailor the service to your needs.

Order just one or any number of

recurring checks.

Our operators are only granted access to your cameras during the times scheduled by you. Your name and camera location(s) are anonymized.

Flexible, transparent pricing

It works with your camera

Our applications support 90% of camera brands.

See the compatibility list

Private and anonymous

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