Retails store security electric bicycle showroom chases the burglars away with state-of-the-art technology

By connecting real-time security with a central monitoring station (CMS), Angelcam has helped deter intruders before they even attempt to break-in. Nothing has been stolen since. is an Electric bike retail showroom, store and rental shop based in the wider centre of Czechia capital - Prague.

Over the last 5 years, the store has been the victim of 6 night-time break-ins (mostly grab & run situations), despite the presence of various cameras, iron bars, and security foiled windows. Sixteen expensive electric bikes and thousands of $$$ had to be spent to repair or replace's destroyed property. We all know the classic alarm systems and the on-site security guards have an increasingly evident limit: they cannot stop the thief. All this while receiving repeating false alarms almost every night. No security solution was simply good enough, and that is when Angelcam stepped in with its security experts and custom integration of RTS Plan.

The process and the solution

When was on the verge of insurance cancellation for their store, they approached Angelcam. They scheduled our security expert consultation, a default part of Angelcam's RTS Plan.

Angelcam's suggested solution was obvious but scarce with the standard security. First, a hand-picked set of truly smart hardware had to be installed at's premises. Then, Angelcam empowered it with signature software features included in the RTS Plan.

Angelcam gave a new and proactive way to detect, but more importantly, to deter intruders in real-time before they even start the burglary and steal expensive e-bikes. Even though the publicly accessible outer perimeter is being monitored, customer and central station receive almost no false alarms thanks to Angelcam's AI filtering. The actual alarms are then approached as real threats and are met with strong on-site sound warnings. Second, Angelcam automatically informs a selected central monitoring station, which screens all AI verified's incidents, acts fast and stops the burglary attempt before it even starts.

HW & SW used

  • Active Speaker Axis C1310-E with automatic warning message system.
  • Angelcam's unique object-based false alarm filtering AI solution for minimizing false alarms and spotting alarms containing people and vehicles.
  • Outdoor thermal camera Axis P1280-E with Angelcam Connector - secured, simple connection to the cloud, and highly reliable loitering detection with a low false alarm rate.
  • Outdoor camera Axis M2035-LE with Angelcam Connector - secured, simple connection to the cloud, and highly reliable loitering detection with a low false alarm rate.
  • Angelcam mobile and web apps for quick and simple arming, notifications and Central Monitoring Station connectivity. All the incidents are recorded in Angelcam's cloud.

The solution is future-proof & ready to be upgraded for an even higher level of security, e.g. by enabling the customer or operator to trigger a fog cannons, loudspeakers, and powerful strobe lights to produce an absolute "no go area" for even the most experienced burglar.

"With the previous security system, we had too many break-ins; now that's gone thanks to Angelcam. With Angelcam RTS Plan loitering detection, it all changed. We can now trigger automatic warning audio messages only in case somebody loiters in the area for a longer period of time. All insights go directly to our central monitoring station, which is ready to deal with real alarms, so we can finally sleep. Thank you, guys!"

Jakub Ditrich, CEO

Angelcam's key results at's store

0 break-ins since installation