Deter all the ogres BEFORE they do something bad

Get the world's first proactive security system. There are millions of retrospective, worthless videos with masked burglars. To see what was done means it was actually done, which is not good. Angelcam's RTS Plan is here to stop bad things before they even happen to you or your close ones. Keep all your existing security HW, and let us unlock their protective potential.

jakub_ditrich_2.jpg electric bicycle showroom chases the burglars away with state-of-the-art technology

"The camera system we had before had too many break-ins; now that's gone thanks to Angelcam's RTS Plan. With Angelcam RTS Plan loitering detection, it all changed. We can now trigger automatic warning audio messages only in case somebody loiters in the area for a longer period of time. All insights go directly to our central monitoring station, which is ready to deal with real alarms, so we can finally sleep. Thank you, guys!"

Jakub Ditrich, CEO

One, stop the false alarms

False alarms kill your attention. Let us do the hard work. Our RTS Plan automatically filters all your alarms in less than 5 seconds and sends you a screenshot notification only if something is going on. Your alarms will finally be relevant.

Ferenc Németh has reduced his home's false alarms by 97%. Learn how he did it.

Two, see in real-time and share

With RTS Plan, you can live-access your security camera(s) from anywhere in the world to check what is going on and act accordingly. You can also share the real alarms with your friends, neighbors, other family members, even police or central monitoring stations.

Three, scare the bad guy away

Imagine you're a thief, and suddenly, a human voice talks directly and personally to you from an installed loudspeaker. So, you run as fast as you can!

Angelcam's RTS Plan lets you integrate and use a loudspeaker installed at your property instantly from anywhere in the world with just one in-app button. You can either play a pre-recorded message or live-speak to the intruder. Be the master of your security.

Four, if they don't see, they are out

In the most unfortunate scenario, the ogre actually gets "in" your premises, which is the last thing you want to happen.

RTS Plan lets you integrate a 100% secure fog cannon as part of your security system. You can launch it directly from our app if you see fit. The thief will see nothing and will steal nothing either. Off he goes, believe us.

Angelcam will help you with your solution

This is Henry, and he is one of Angelcam's security experts with 10+ years of experience.

Angelcam's RTS Plan includes a 1 on 1 virtual security assessment and consultation with Henry to find the perfect solution for your unique situation.


RTS Plan

Smart false alarm filtering
The maximum amount of cameras
From 24 hours
up to 2 years
Secure vault
(worth $149)
Starts from $19.99 per month