Connecting to the Cloud Made Simple & Secure

Introducing the AngelBox, a plug-and-play device that allows easy and secure connection of a single or multiple cameras* to Angelcam’s cloud-based services.

*The maximum bitrate of all cameras can’t exceed 20 Mbps

Secure Streaming

Utilizing advanced encryption, AngelBox ensures your video streams are truly safe and secure.

Ease of Use

With plug-and-play setup and automatic updates, AngelBox is the easiest means of connecting your cameras to the cloud.

Brand Agnostic

AngelBox works with over 90% of DVRs/NVRs and most h264 cameras on the market.

Will your cameras work? Try our AngelBox Compatibility Tester first.

Purchase an AngelBox

Starts at $89

100% money-back guarantee.

Lifetime warranty.

Try our AngelBox Compatibility Tester first before ordering.

Build your own AngelBox

with the open-source Angelcam Connector

We offer you SD card image for Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 and Orange Pi Zero or you can use our APT repository to install Arrow Client into an existing system.

You can find the complete instructions how to do it here.