Broadcast live streaming video from your camera

With Angelcam you can easily embed live video into your website and share the view of your resort, event, unique venue or anything else.

Broadcast publicly in 5 minutes

Now, you can broadcast at any time from anywhere. All you need is internet connection and a camera. Angelcam works for 99% camera brands.

Live broadcasting features
It works almost everywhere

Our responsive player works great in all major desktop and mobile browsers. If you are developer, you can embed a video stream to your own app using our API.

Embed video on your website or into your mobile app

Simply put video to your web. All you need is an IP based camera, internet connection and Angelcam.

Build YOUR brand

1️⃣ Add your logo to the video player.

2️⃣ Prevent others to embed your video player elsewhere with the Domain lock protection feature.

3️⃣ If you will go with our Business plan, there is even no Angelcam branding.

Share it easily

Create unique customizable web address for every camera. Simply share address via social networks, e-mail and more...

Control who can see it

Protect video by a password if you want. Or use your own access system to control who can access video.

High Quality Audio and Video

Unlimited video quality. Viewers will see and hear exactly what your camera will send to us.

Schedule broadcasting

Automatically enable and disable broadcasting at a certain time and selected days of week.

Have even thousands concurrent viewers

No matter how many viewers is there, our cloud is pulling video from your camera just once so you can be sure your camera and network connection will handle the load without problems.

Camera availability monitoring

We will notify you in a case your camera goes offline for any reason.

Angelcam offers much more

Record a stream in the cloud securely for 3, 7, 30 or more days simply by activating this optional add-on.

Share a recorded footage or download it e.g. for post-processing needs.

More details


Developers can access and manage broadcasting via API as well to create even more scenarios or even brand new applications.

3rd party applications

Once your video is in the cloud, you can easily use one or more services to get even more value from your camera: parking lot occupancy analysis, apps for pandemic times and more.

Missing something? Our product is always on move. Check what we had released in past, and what we are planning in our public roadmap.


Broadcast anything you want

Live broadcasting is one of Angelcam's upgrades. First step is to purchase Angelcam Essentials plan. It is easy.
Most popular bundle
Plug & play device for secure and reliable auto-discovery of all your security cameras.
starts at
one time purchase
Get access to all your cameras from anywhere. Premium, easy remote live view security cameras app with 1-on-1 individual onboarding support.
optional upgrades
Cloud Recording
Record your security cameras to the Angelcam cloud and see exactly what happened. Anytime, anywhere, no matter what camera brand you have.
starts from
$6.49 month/camera
billed monthly or annually
and or
Public Broadcasting
Embed a live stream into your website and share the view of your resort, event, or unique venue.
starts from
$0 month/camera
billed monthly or annually

Do you need us to handle more than 10 cameras?
Please reach our sales team.

Are you a business? Book a call with our CEO.

Worship for people that can't attend in person


Use your existing cameras to attract more customers


Show how it's made and protect your employees.

Holiday resorts

Attract more customers to your beautiful resort.


Angelcam broadcasting setup

Before any purchase

1. Create Angelcam account to download and run our AngelBox Compatibility Tester first. It will double check if your network setup and cameras are really compatible with Angelcam.

Ready, steady, go to the cloud?

2. Purchase Angelcam Essentials plan and AngelBox to autodiscover your security cameras and NVRs. You may not need AngelBox, so check the alternatives.

3. Select one or more cameras, insert their credentials and name them. Now, your cameras are in the Angelcam cloud.

You just made your camera smarter!

4. View the cameras in the Angelcam web and mobile app, share them with people you trust and get notifications when they go offline. There is even more.

5. You can also connect your smart sensors and alarm-panels to easily navigate on video timeline and more.

Upgrade options

6. Once you are on Angelcam's board, you can choose to add any of these optional services: cloud recording or camera broadcasting.


Broadcasting detailed pricing

Video broadcasting is one of Angelcam's upgrades. To get it, you need to be on Angelcam Essentials plan. It is easy.
Stream to the whole world with ads
per camera per month
Get started
  • Accessible from desktop & mobile
  • Audio support
  • Max. 1000 concurrent viewers
  • Unique customizable web address for easy sharing
  • 99% camera brands supported
  • Unlimited video resolution
  • Unlimited bitrate
  • Camera offline status notification

  • Promotion features:
  • Customizable camera name, description, tags and location
  • Show your logo in a video
  • Indexed by search engines
  • Promotion on other public cameras
  • Promotion on
  • Access to Angelcam's Community
Stream publicly without ads
per camera per month save $24 paying yearly
All the benefits of Free, and:
  • No ads on stream page
  • Branded video
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Password protection
  • Online Messenger & Email Support
30 days free trial for one camera stream
Embed our player into any website
per camera per month save $68 paying yearly
All of Standard, and:
  • Player embedding
  • Domain lock stream protection
  • Scheduled streaming
Build YOUR brand with no distraction
per camera per month save $250 paying yearly
All the benefits of Premium, and:
  • No Angelcam branding
  • API
  • Max. 2000 concurrent viewers
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager