Engage new customers

Broadcast live streaming video from your IP camera

Broadcast in full HD with clear sound and hassle-free setup.

Drive traffic to your website

Drive traffic to your website by embedding live stream and share the excitement at your resort, event, or unique venue.

Works with most cameras

Easy. Connect your camera with just a few clicks.

No software needed

The only things needed: IP camera & internet connection.

Watch it anywhere

What your IP cameras record is
accessible from any device.

Camera Broadcasting at its best

  • Promote your business and
    increase traffic to your website.

  • Understand viewers’
    behavior via Google Analytics.

  • Trusted by the likes of National Corvette
    Museum, National Park Service & others.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is video, then? A simple live broadcasting from a venue - whether it's a beach resort, a summer music festival or anything else - gives you the chance to show people how lively and beautiful it actually is.

Broadcasting is your trustworthy companion that helps you engage your customers and show you're worth visiting. And, with Angelcam, it's finally safe, simple and compatible with every IP camera out there. Are you ready to see it in action?

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Are you a security dealer?
Let’s team up. Our partners enjoy lifelong commissions for every camera their customers connect to Angelcam and get even more bonuses.