Plug & play device for secure and reliable auto-discovery of all your security cameras. By connecting any 3.5 mm audio speaker to AngelBox, you can leverage its real-time conversation capabilities to deter 98% of potential burglars.

Do you feel like jessica?
"Year and a half battle has ended"

"I haven't been able to connect my DVR to the internet for 16 months. For 16 months I've invested several days at a time for DNS services & Port Forwarding missions and have failed each time. Honestly I think it is an issue with the internet. I've learned way too much about my router at this point!

AngelBox had me up and running within minutes! This is easily worth twice the price! Amazing customer service if you have an issue. This is so easy that I'm excited to pay for cloud storage!"

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Plug & play setup

Just plug AngelBox into your router. It then auto-discovers all your security cameras and connects them to the Angelcam cloud.

Secure connection

AngelBox is an encrypted cloud tunnel for all your cameras. No open ports to the internet are left behind.

Reliable connection

AngelBox adapts automatically AngelBox adapts automatically to all these changes in near real-time. You could move AngelBox and cameras to a location on the other side of the planet and everything will still work with no need for manual adjustment as the AngelBox will automatically reconfigure the settings. Like magic. to any changes in your network. Your security cameras are always accessible.

Connect up to 10 cameras

One AngelBox handles up to 20 Mbps of traffic. That's 10 cameras with an average bitrate 2 Mbps.

If you need more than 10 cameras, please reach our sales team.

No need to have a public IP address

With AngelBox you will save all the recurring costs for a public IP address.

Automatic updates

AngelBox gets even better over time. No worries, it's fully automatic.

Get your AngelBox for just $159

1. AngelBox supercharges the Angelcam app. Easy and elegant as it gets. These two just go together.

2. All AngelBox owners receive personal, 1-on-1 support Individual support makes a difference. Once you have AngelBox, you can simply create a support ticket and Angelcam staff will be happy to help you personally! We're here for you! to streamline the setup process.

3. To top it off, AngelBox has a lifetime warranty In the rare case when AngelBox stops working, just reach us and we will help you to fix your AngelBox or send you a new device. .

4. You just need AC power and an ethernet port, see all requirements ▸ One ethernet port available for AngelBox in the same network as the cameras are
▸ 110/230V AC (or MicroUSB)
▸ Cameras or NVR with h.264 via RTSP or MJPEG video stream
▸ You know the credentials (passwords, admin) to your cameras
Download the AngelBox setup guide (pdf)
, but don't worry, you'll be fine.

5. Before purchase, see if AngelBox is really the right tool for you with our AngelBox compatibility tester While AngelBox is compatible with 99% of cameras and NVRs on the market, our compatibility application will check and see that you don't belong to the other 1%. .

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Angelcam works best as a combination of the AngelBox, our powerful device, and the Angelcam Essentials plan with optional upgrades.
Most popular bundle
Plug & play device for secure and reliable auto-discovery of all your security cameras.
one time purchase
See technical specifications
Get access to all your cameras from anywhere. Premium, easy remote live view security cameras app with 1-on-1 individual onboarding support.
optional upgrades
Cloud Recording
Record your security cameras to the Angelcam cloud and see exactly what happened. Anytime, anywhere, no matter what camera brand you have.
starts from
$6.49 month/camera
billed monthly or annually
and or
Public Broadcasting
Embed a live stream into your website and share the view of your resort, event, or unique venue.
starts from
$0 month/camera
billed monthly or annually
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Do you need us to handle more than 10 cameras?
Please reach our sales team.

Build your own AngelBox

There are many devices that we can empower to auto-discover and connect your security cameras to the Angelcam cloud. Here is how:

One last thing

Axis cameras can be connected directly to the Angelcam cloud. Just add our Angelcam plugin.

Technical specifications

➡ Handles up to 20 Mbps (typically enough for 10 cameras)

➡ Power requirements: USB-C (2.5A power supply) or 110/230V AC

➡ Connectivity requirement: ethernet connection to the router within same network as cameras/NVR is connected (for professionals: L2 network)

➡ Operate from 32 °F – 122 °F (0 – 50 °C)