We are changing the purpose of security cameras

We aim to build the largest IP cameras integration platform.
Enhanced cameras - simple & future friendly solution bringing value to anybody.

Founded by 3 experienced streaming, hosting and computer vision experts, Angelcam, Inc. set out on a mission to make network cameras smarter and streaming live video and audio from them simpler.

First we created the simplest solution for hassle-free private or public streaming from network cameras regardless of their brand and make. Then we launched the world's first app-store for advanced computer vision and video analytics apps. All running securely in the cloud. With no need to invest in infrastructure by our customers.

Angelcam is currently serving customers from more than 150+ countries around the world, either directly or via a growing network of professional partners. At the same time we're working with top security camera producers on integration of our camera streaming solution directly into their camera firmware. And we've established relationships with numerous universities, researchers and specialized companies producing newer and more advanced computer vision algorithms and turning them into new apps for our app-store.

With these partnerships we are able to combine millions of cameras and apps into a smart Big Data platform ready to tackle such large tasks as prediction of traffic jams, kidnappings, automatic recognition of street fights and subsequent alarms and much more.

Key people

Peter Ocasek

Peter Ocasek CEO

Failed with his first company, decided to pay off all the debts instead of filing for insolvency. He dropped out of university and instead of being a student there, he became an assistant teacher (later he went on to graduate from a different University). He helped the University to launch a student startup incubator and to start cooperating with companies. Then, seeing that Czech republic missed a startup ecosystem he built it, among others by founding StartupYard accelerator and Node5 incubator and coworking space.

Robert Prokes

Robert Prokes CTO

Built a company with 30+ employees and 70k+ customers without any previous experience and University degree. He has never been employed. Robert was just 15 when he started his first business - selling computers.

Marketa Kabatova

Marketa Kabatova CMO

Our superstar when it comes to online marketing and PPC campaigns efficiency. During her previous work in Webnode, she was in charge of 25 languages campaigns while in Google she was the first one in EU to kick-off Export accelerator program for start-ups. Her PPC community events are definitely unforgettable.

Adam Herout

Adam Herout Director of Computer Vision

Researcher and lecturer of computer vision. Associate professor at Brno University of Technology. Head of Graph@FIT research group in fast computer vision and graphics algorithms and augmented reality. Blogger. Co-author of the fastest existing ray-triangle intersection algorithm, currently massively used in graphics rendering (computer games, movie postproduction...).

Growing fast, hiring faster

As a proper startup, we’re in constant need of awesome people for our Prague, Czech republic-based team to help us keep up with our current insane growth pace.


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