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Angelcam API

Provides a unified interface between applications and camera-enabled devices, sensors, alarms, and other related third-party devices.

Angelcam connector

Going a step further, the combination of the Angelcam API with our recently-introduced Angelcam Connector provides an end-to-end solution for building a vast array of custom applications, features, and functionality.

Build your own solutions

To give you a glimpse of how you could possibly use the Angelcam API, here’s a smattering of use case examples

Integrate camera streams to your app

You can integrate the live stream or cloud recording into your own mobile app or other kinds of software. Just like we have done with our Angelcam mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices or Looplay or Tboxtour.

Make your own cloud-recording interface

Focus just on perfect user experience and let us handle the dirty work with cameras.

Create your own time-lapse videos

Collect on-demand snapshots from cameras recordings and utilize them your way. Interesting especially for construction companies.

Build your own home security app

Use Angelcam API to connect cameras and sensors. Let Angelcam inform you when sensors detect events and then inform your customer.

Get started with our API

Obtaining API credentials for personal use is for free. For commercial usage please reach our sales team.