Develop video-first security applications with Angelcam. It's faster, cheaper and lower risk.

Angelcam will support you wherever you want to go

There is no need to develop from scratch. It doesn't matter if you're an application provider, smart home automation company or telco, you will love Angelcam's end to end platform for easier and faster development and integrations.

Angelcam for developers
Angelcam Connector

Embed it to your gateway device and let it auto-discover and connect customers' cameras to the cloud easily, securely and reliably,

Cloud based API

Integrate snapshots, live or recorded video to your software, or do whatever you want with Angelcam.

Mobile apps source code and SDK

If you want to provide a mobile app to your customers, there is no easier way than to build on top of what Angelcam already has.

Dev to dev support

Get fast and super experienced direct support from Angelcam engineers, e.g. via shared Slack channel or in a virtual hackathon.

All this can be done. And much more.

To give you a sense of how you could possibly use the Angelcam API, here’s a collection of use cases

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Integrate camera streams to your app

You can integrate live streams or cloud recordings into your own mobile app or other kinds of software. Just like we've done with our Angelcam mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices or Looplay or Tboxtour.

Make your own cloud-recording interface

You focus on a perfect user experience and we'll handle all that dirty work with the cameras.

Create your own time-lapse videos

Collect on-demand snapshots from camera recordings and utilize them your way. This is Interesting especially for companies in construction and property development.

Build your own home security app

Use the Angelcam API to connect cameras and sensors. Let Angelcam inform you when sensors detect events and then you inform your customers.

Become the next success story

"We were very lucky to have stumbled upon Angelcam’s API solution to connect cameras to our web app and give users easy access. We think it’s the easiest and fastest way to get your cam feed to the world."