Turning IP intercoms into multi-purpose security devices

Every 2N intercom is supercharged with Angelcam technology and is able to record camera footage based on triggers such as motion detection, tampering, and doorbell pressing. Angelcam already hosts thousands of customers who connect their security devices to the cloud, managing over 50TB of video every day.

With existing hardware offer richer security features

Have a look at our minute long video that introduces new features that will truly supercharge 2N intercoms to become a central device and also find out the other security products that can be connected such as sensors and smart locks.

What is the value to your customers?

This is a game changer and cloud recording is only the starting point. There’s no need to scroll through hundreds of hours of videos looking for major incidents. If something is happening then you receive a notification, basically a real-time verification of the event, and then you can act straightaway or send proof to the police!

Proof for police, proof for insurance companies

24/7 continuous recording or event recording plans mean that major incidents are recorded and easily accessed to show the authorities or insurance companies afterwards.

Real-Time verification of events

You can watch what is happening now, but you can also see what has just happened because of the recording feature (24/7 continuous recording or event recording).

Open platform for security cameras, sensors, locks

Any security product enabled to send an email can be added to the Angelcam platform. Also you can add other devices via API or IFTTT.

In less than 10 minutes you are ready to go

Let's take a look at the video to see how all of this works. Then you’ll be able to connect your customers to Angelcam enabling them to access the suite of cloud recording features.