Unify over 200 security camera brands on a single cloud platform, allowing you to cloud record, broadcast, monitor, and share

Consolidate your cameras using AngelBox or AngelCamera One, or directly connect all Axis cameras using the Axis connector.


Connect your security cameras to the cloud

With AngelBox

AngelBox automatically detects all your security cameras and connects them to the cloud, making the setup quick, secure, and reliable.

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Lifetime warranty, and 100% money back guarantee

With AngelCamera One

AngelCamera One easily connects as an autonomous camera, or functions like the AngelBox! We encrypt communication between AngelCamera One, all your cameras and the Angelcam application.

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Lifetime warranty, and 100% money back guarantee

Connect with 99% of security cameras

Discover how we can connect your current camera system to the cloud.

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How to start?


Choose either AngelBox or AngelCamera One to connect all your security cameras into one place.


Create your account quickly and get your first 21 days of the Essentials plan for free.


Monitor & share your cameras, or upgrade to cloud recording, broadcasting, or real-time protection.

Who are the customers
that love our products?

Angelcam assists primarily manufacturing plants, factories, and small to medium-sized businesses in protecting their assets and saving resources. With our technology, businesses can leverage their existing camera systems for cloud recording, public broadcasting, real-time security, and sharing of security footage.

Government & Institutions

& Finance

Transportation & Manufacturing

& Industry

Why is Angelcam
the best choice for you?

Experience uninterrupted connection to the cloud, designed with security and reliability in mind.

Connect your IP cameras into one system and extend the lifespan of your CCTV camera system.

AngelBox or AngelCamera One continuously adapts, eliminating the costs for a fixed IP address and ensuring you're always connected.

Simply connect with plug & play devices, ensuring a smooth, frustration-free experience.

Even in the event of fire, flood, or theft, your recordings remain safe and stored in our cloud.

Unify all your locations under a single account.

Connect to your security cameras anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Keep your footage readily available for insurance or authorities, always at hand.

Access up to 3 years of your camera system's history and never miss out on important moments.

Take your ordinary
cameras to the next level

Essentials plan

Monitor and share up to 10 security cameras in real-time, regardless of brand, with our cloud-based security camera system.

Cloud recording

Evidence is always at your fingertips. Easily playback your footage with a history of up to 3 years.


Broadcast live streaming video from your IP camera to the public to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Real-time security (RTS)

Deter intruders with your voice, fog cannons, or simply let the alarm monitoring station take control.


Record changes that take place slowly over time.

Unify your security cameras on a secure, reliable, and scalable platform