What Angelcam's customers are saying

Over 50 thousand cameras, transferring over 50 terabytes of data every day, are connected to Angelcam. Take a look at what other customers think about us.

Home owners & Individuals

"When I was looking for a way to connect my existing camera to the Internet to get it recorded I realize that not being the professional in the tech business it would take me hours and hours to set up my network work that way. When I was searching I came across Angelcam and the price was right in the ease of it where I just plugged everything in. When I received AngelBox it was as easy as advertised I plugged it in and within 10 minutes I was up and running.”

Aaron Goldberg

"It works! I can configure various cameras to use your service, as well as being able to drop them into my websites. Support is great too!"

Ray Hales

"Well I absolutely love the fact there's finally a company offering a wide range of support capable to intergrate multiple security camaras along with numerous methods that allow an individual so many more options then i ever remember seeing before! You make it very simple and easy to achieve a successful setup for home security."

Boe Thorton

"The Front camera helped our police catch a neighborhood gas station robber. According to our police captain, the crook will spend a long time in jail for armed robbery."

Don Davis

"Awesome. I also want to get an AngelBox for my home. I can't seem to get that port forwarding working here. I've already spent more money trying the port forwarding than the AngelBox costs.”

Andy Cox

"A life saver! Literally! Monitoring my wife on a live feed, after her recent health problems...has been a real live plus!"

Kevin Sharpe

"I tried to use 2 other IP cam services before Angelcam with no luck. Your service was so easy to use and the support was excellent. I'm going to try it out for a week or 2 then upgrade my service but so far so good. Thanks!”

Tom Cross

Angelcam is great! The cloud recording makes me feel safe, even if my whole warehouse burns down i'll at least have my evidence in the cloud!”

Jonathan Yoc Kim

Your service has been amazing for the past few years and I hope it continues to be reliable.”

Dennis O'Hara

Business owners

“This morning our cam operator Cindy called me just gushing with happiness about your service, adjectives of stellar, fabulous, wonderful, ... So thank you so much. You can be assured will continue to recommend Angelcam to everyone who emails or calls me about "what we use for our cams!"

Carolyn Stalcup, American Eagle Foundation

"You've already been making great strides for usability with regard to billing, and your streaming, and your subscription management. Your service is top-notch, stable as heck, and very appreciated. Keep on rocking AngelCam team!"

Kevn Kota

"AngelBox really is a missing link in current cam technology”

We're always working on making Camera Security as simple as possible. The next step was 'cloud recording' and no longer using our own servers or NVR's on site. Angelcam was the most obvious partner. Very good service, always working on improvements next to the standard functionality, all kinds of add-ons and options, like you don't see anywhere else. We highly recommend Angelcam to our customers.”

Arjan van Gelderen, Simpele Camera Beveilliging

"Our company is a 3rd generation family alarm system business with 40 years in the market. Yes we are all very advanced technically and we have also installed thousands of camera systems. However, the static and/or dynamic IP situation is a real mess and takes way too much of our time to maintain! And of course our clients expect free service calls if they change a router etc. Getting away from setting up a router for port forwarding is key for us.”

Tony Stewart, Stewart Electronics

"I use Angelcam for my church services. I have a congregation who are deaf, and often they cannot make it here to the church, so they are able to join in from home, and understand the sign language."

Jim Clarke, Two Parishes

"I live on Lake Michigan and wanted to share the view with others. Talking with the folks at stardot-tech.com about buying a camera, led to them telling me about you and the live stream option. Since my only source of recouping the ~$2,000 I laid out for the camera is some google ads, I'm really trying to keep the overhead cost low. You provide a lot of service at a very reasonable price and make it possible for a "nobody" like me to share a view that many people enjoy. So thank you."

Sally Carr, spyglasshill.com

Success stories


"Our operators most appreciate that, thanks to the unique technology developed by Angelcam, there are no delays in viewing the stream, operators don’t have to wait for the stream to load, it appears immediately and keeps its quality."

Tomas Helmich
Video Services Project Manager

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"We were very lucky to have stumbled upon Angelcam’s API solution to connect cameras to our web app and give users easy access. We think it’s the easiest and fastest way to get your cam feed to the world."

Edmond Yazbeck
co-founder of LOOPLAY

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