World's first false alarm reduction app with real-time event notifications

There are tens of millions of unintelligent, local-recording security cameras and sensors. There are millions of retroactive, worthless videos with masked burglars. The bad guys know this, retroactive security simply does not work. Maybe, one or more of these cameras is yours and maybe you also struggle with an overload of false alarms. It's a mess. The good news is you don't have to throw your hardware out. Now, you can make any camera and sensor smart and proactive with the new Angelcam's Prevent Plan.

Have 10 times fewer false alarms

The more false security alarms you get, the more alarm-careless you gradually become. This way, people miss the one security alarm they should not have missed. We have seen this too often.

Let Angelcam's Prevent Plan do the hard work of filtering your alarms. We automatically verify them all in less than 5 seconds and send you a screenshot notification if something is going on. Your alarms will be finally relevant, and you can decide what to do next to prevent bad things from happening.

Super-fast incident sharing with others

You are not alone: Once we filter out 90% of your false alarms, you can share the serious alarms with your friends, neighbors, other family members, or even police stations. Your choice.

This way, you can freely go on holidays, trips, to the theatre, grab a coffee with friends or just go for a run and still be secure.

See what is happening and call for help

With Angelcam's Prevent Plan, you can live-access your security camera(s) from anywhere in the world to check what is going on and act.

You will also always have proof if you need it. Save up to 99% of your internet connection by enabling Prevent Plan to cloud-record only when something is really happening (event recording). Video clips of your choice can stay in our cloud vault forever, if you will.


Prevent Plan

Deter Plan

Smart false alarm filtering
Super-fast alarm verification and sharing
Automatic arming and disarming (geofencing)
iOS only for now
The maximum amount of cameras
10* Do you have more? Let us know and we can arrange a special deal
Recording retention
Maximum number of filtered incidents/per month
Maximum number of recorded minutes
Maximum bitrate
Event recording
Clip storage
Loudspeaker integration
1 on 1 concierge onboarding
Security expert consultation
Currently free (worth $149)
(worth $149)
$14.99 per month
2 months for free
when per year
For up to 10 cameras
Starts from $19.99 per month