Make Dahua & Hikvision
cameras cloud-ready
for your customers

120.000 people worldwide is looking for a cloud solution in Angelcam monthly - 1/2 of them doesn’t have a camera yet. Don’t you want to sell them some? We will get you in touch!

Get the Firmware

What do you get with
Angelcam-ready cameras?

  • Easy setup & Hack-proof
  • No public IP address needed
  • No static IP address
  • Encrypted streaming

Other cameras

  • Router configuration needed
  • Vulnerable to hacking
  • Can’t be used on cellular connections
  • DNS service needed
  • Streaming is not encrypted

Brands & Types

Angelcam-ready cameras

How to load firmware to cameras?

How to flash the firmware

What do you get

when becoming Angelcam-ready cameras’ dealer

  • More customers & revenues

    We will lead traffic from our website to your shop through active cross-promotion (dedicated space on web, online campaigns, messaging etc.)

  • Business & marketing support

    Online and printed guidelines, promo materials, webinars etc.

  • Continuous updates

    Of cameras’ features & firmwares.