Angelcam makes camera owners happier by extending their camera's usefulness with cloud solutions so your cameras/NVRs become more competitive via:

  1. Super-simple "order online with 3 clicks" live streaming to any browser or mobile device with virtually unlimited number of concurrent viewers.
  2. Audio/video analysis and other types of applications, e.g. anonymizing, security alerts, retail customer movement analysis, time lapse video creation, car counting and more.

If you can spare 60 seconds, you can see how it works in a video:


Why should you cooperate with Angelcam?

Value for your brand

Your brand name will be placed on video stream pages of our free plan users informing viewers about the brand of camera that's used in the given stream.

With our current 2 million pageviews/month in total, this creates valuable brand/product awareness. The logo is of course linked to your site which also drives traffic and creates back-links improving your SEO ranking.

And the message can be easily extended to include the camera model and a link to purchase it, e.g. "This is a [YourBrand] camera [CameraModel] you can buy at [AmazonProductLink] or [EbayProductLink]."


Value for your customers

1. Plug'n'play initial setup and access to camera/DVR/NVR from anywhere means a better user experience and higher post-purchase satisfaction resulting in recommendations and/or further future purchases.

2. Advanced audio and video analysis apps in the cloud extend current uses for cameras from streaming/security to business intelligence and more.


Partnership levels

a) Marketing:

By adding to your website a page where you explain to your customers how to live stream from your cams. You can also mention this information in your product documentation and other materials.

The best practice is to provide the "how to live stream" information directly with the camera, so users can easily find the RTSP path of their camera and ensure all required setup easier. We would be pleased to help you with documentation and best practices when you contact us.

b) Marketing + Technical Integration:

Live streaming and other Angelcam applications are integrated directly in your cameras/DVRs/NVRs to make them significantly easier accessible for your customers.

For this, Angelcam provides you with the Angelcam connector, an advanced technical solution that can be easily integrated into your products' firmware. The Angelcam connector ensures your customers can use your products with the simplest solution on the market today for setup and remote access or broadcast of live audio/video from a network camera.

No networking or port forwarding configuration necessary. It also allows users to assign a unique domain name to their IP camera which can be accessed from virtually any location and on any device.

The video stream can remain private, protected by a password or by IP address protection or be broadcast publicly.

Alternatively, the camera can be used to push the video stream to Angelcam using the RTSP (RTSP announce) or RTMP protocol (during the initial setup the device connects to API, a new user account is set-up and an URL with a video stream is assigned). This option means a simpler way for users to get private access of live audio/video from any device, anywhere; or to broadcast their video stream publicly.

With the Angelcam connector the users can finally manage their device's settings also outside of its local network.

The friction-free user experience with Angelcam connector

  1. User connects their camera to internet and power.
  2. User opens http://[YourBrand] from any device on any place*
  3. They provide the MAC address of their device (network camera/DVR/NVR)
  4. Now they can manage the camera — change resolution, password-protect the stream and more — and assign a unique domain name (e.g. to access the camera setup later.

*DHCP service is required.

No need for port-forwarding, static and public IP address management etc. When the customer moves their camera/device to a different location or internet provider, it will work automatically, without any additional setup.


For information or inquiries regarding Producer partnerships contact:

Nick Lashinsky
Phone: +1 650 729 8401