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on an exciting journey

Let’s change the world of security cameras together

Angelcam is an Open Video Application and Integration Platform. We're a startup that's changing the very purpose of security cameras. They now record everything they “see”. That's fine, but what if they could tell us what's actually happening? Without anyone having to watch the footage? Now that's what we call a challenge!

So, we're on a mission to make network cameras smarter through video analytics and computer vision.

Practically speaking, we're building the first cloud-based app-store for video analytics apps that's open for developers, like Apple’s App Store or Google Play is.

Open positions

Want to meet our team first?

Out team breakfast is ready every Thursday @ 9:30 AM, so simply stop by and meet us all. We are happy to chat about our products & technologies, answer any of your questions and get to know you better.

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We're looking
for colleagues with

  • interest in new technologies and solutions
  • willingness to learn and develop themselves
  • positive attitude to solve the problem
  • independency & team spirit

There're two types of people
we rather avoid

  • haters
  • people who makes excuses instead of trying to find solutions

About us

  • We grow by 10% every month.
  • 10,000 users from 150+ countries have joined our platform.
  • We're based in Europe (Czech Republic: Prague & Brno) and US (CA & PA). Further expansion is on our to-do list, of course.
  • We work with top security camera producers on integration.
  • We cooperate with numerous universities and researchers producing advanced computer vision algorithms & turning them into new apps for our app-store.
Angelcam offices

With thousands of paying customers and even more non-paying users, our product-market fit has been validated. But we still have a greater vision up our sleeves that offers a lot of searching and prototyping challenges and opportunities.

We're aiming high.
These are our goals

  • To have over a million users in the next few years.
  • To be the world's biggest camera platform.
  • To change the way people work with cameras.
  • To hire 6 - 12 new team members by the end of 2016

Certain challenges lie
ahead of us

  • i18n, high availability
  • autoscaling
  • HQ code (unit testing, …)
  • new API, new website, mobile apps (React, …)