Security business is changing, don’t stay behind!

Connect your customers’ cameras
to cloud & generate long term revenues
to your business model

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Cloud advantages
Flexibility - no HW&SW - non-stop accessibility

  • Any IP camera brand - whatever brand of IP camera, you can always connect it to angelcam
  • No SW/HW needed - all runs in cloud, no installations, no HW/SW updates etc.
  • Accessibility of video 24/7 from anywhere - anytime, from any device
  • Flexibility of storage size - just use the cloud storage when needed
  • Future friendly solution - will not stop evolving
Support 24/7
Angelcam team will help you to grow

  • We will provide you with promo materials
  • You will get 5 % discount coupons for your customers
  • We create your own landing page
  • Customer accounts management & billing management tools

How it works


Apply to our partners program

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Connect your first customers to cloud

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Experience advantages of cooperation

*Great price for AngelBox - our unique cloud-enabler HW

Why Angelcam?

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Bring more services to your portfolio

Offer backup offsite recording with long term revenues in the pipe.

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Installer / Integrator / Camera distributor?

Anyone being around cameras can benefit from our cloud solution.

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Lower your overhead

Do you sell to residents and small businesses? Your customers will love you for our low cost, low risk, solution.

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Get more clients

Promote our town watch application and quickly capture 1,000 of clients and add value to your local law enforcement agencies.

How to promote Angelcam cloud services & earn money


Bundle Angelcam 5% discount coupons with any camera you sell

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Include Angelcam services in your product & service portfolio, e-shop etc.

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Show your customers how to use Angelcam on exhibitions, demo days or other events