Home security

Ferenc Németh has reduced his home's false alarms by 97%. This is how he did it.

Ferenc was not happy with how his current IP cameras worked because he had no way of knowing something wrong was happening at his home. Both his cameras, equipped with regular Motion Detection, were causing dozens of false alarms per day by birds, shadows, and moving bushes. Anything important was getting lost in this clutter. Soon, Ferenc tired of watching whether the alert was yet another false alarm or not and stopped using his security system altogether. However, everything changed when Ferenc contacted Angelcam.

The process and the solution

Ferenc explained his needs during our scheduled remote security expert consultation, a default part of Angelcam's RTS Plan. This way, we immediately knew we could elevate his solution to the next level.

Ferenc managed to connect his camera to the Angelcam platform by himself. After checking all settings and recommendations, we activated the Angelcam RTS plan with its False Alarm Filtering Feature and Event triggered Cloud recording for up to 10 cameras. As a result, Angelcam filtered out an unbelievable 494 false alarms within the first couple of months, reducing the false alarms ratio by 97%.


"I'm super happy I can reuse my existing cameras and finally trust them. The birds and trees are no issue anymore. Angelcam filters them out automatically, so I can finally use my camera system like I always wanted. Now I know that when Angelcam rings, I need to pay attention to the alarm, and I have it all recorded for 100 days!"

- Ferenc Németh, Angelcam's RTS plan user -