Case study

How Bernie Got His Peace of Mind Back

“As the owner of a small business, I don’t want my time away from work to be spent worrying about what’s going on there. I want to have peace of mind and simply enjoy my time with my family.”

As the owner of a small cafe and bistro, Bernie’s time away from work was often spent worrying about the safety and security of his business and the people who worked for him.

He wanted a means of making his pre-existing security system, composed of 4 IP cameras, more dynamic, allowing him to access it remotely, in real time, and take appropriate action when needed.

He Was Looking for the Following:

  • Remotely monitor his business at any time and from anywhere
  • Make sure his cameras were up and running at all times
  • View recorded footage for discrepancies or to share with his insurance company, if and when the need may arise
  • Unite his devices and cameras, allowing for easier integration of new security solutions
Bernie wanted to monitor his bistro at anytime he wasn’t there.

While searching for solutions, Bernie came across Angelcam and was immediately drawn to the real-time nature of our cloud-based services. Based on what he had seen, he decided to give Angelcam a try and signed up for a free account.

Shortly after, he connected his cameras and started using Angelcam’s Cloud Recording and Free Live Monitoring services, both accessible via a desktop computer and the Angelcam mobile app.

How Angelcam Helped Bernie Achieve his Goals

  • Real-time monitoring of his business

    Implemented via Angelcam’s Free Live Monitoring and the Angelcam mobile app.
    Bernie gained the ability to view all of his cameras in one place, verify any issues, and react promptly and appropriately, at all times.
  • Ensures his security system is future-proof

    Supporting over 90% of all camera brands, Bernie is now ready to easily add any new security cameras.
    With complete IFTTT support, he will be able to eventually add third-party sensors and other smart security devices.
  • Recording to the cloud via Angelcam’s Cloud Recording

    Allows Bernie to record his camera feeds to the cloud and easily access, view, and manage his footage
    All managed within a user-friendly app with intuitive timeline controls
    Can now easily cut and share footage with his insurance company or the authorities, when needed

Happy end

In the end, by using Angelcam’s services Bernie took a considerable amount of weight off his shoulders, put himself in a better position to ensure the safety of his business, and has taken steps that will give him verifiable proof if anything bad were to happen.

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