We help developers become entrepreneurs

Doesn’t matter if you are a university researcher interested in technology transfer, a private software developer company looking for another monetization options or a freelancer who likes MATLAB, sleeps with C and wanna have a recurring payoff besides your main job.

We share up to 70% of application profit*

You setup your own price, which will be paid on a subscription based by a customer. So once you create an application and deploy it to our app-store (and it’s easier than you think!), you will earn money each month - depending on the sales volume. We will take care of servers, customers, billing, 1st level support… everything. * Profit means price paid by customer minus application hosting costs minus application author's costs.

You can create a revolutionary staff or just something people need

  1. Develop something based on our customers' inquiries.
  2. Create something new - simple or sophisticated. Pitch us your idea, we will help you validate the market potential.
  3. Reuse and monetize any application or algorithm you have already developed (C++, Matlab, ...).

We will help you with the boring stuff

  • libraries - an “Angelcam computer vision framework”, C++ library that you can use to have an unified access to video streams, video & data storage
  • hosting - optional solution for your app with SLA in three world-based data centres
  • user base - access to thousands of our current customers based in more than 120 countries
  • peaceful sleeping - we take care of 1st level customer support to users of your applications
  • help - free consultation by our computer vision specialists

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