DIY home security system in cloud

Home security system

How can a head of a family monitor their two houses simultaneously, comfortably and from anywhere?

It all begins with connecting wireless home security system to Angelcam. Read how Bernie, DIY geek, found our cloud-based platform useful & time‑saving.

Meet Bernie

Meet Bernie

Meet Bernie. He's a head of a family that has just left their city apartment to move into a spacious new house in a mid-sized city.

They chose a safe place in a quiet neighborhood, however, 24/7 house monitoring system is still a preferable option for them -- especially given the fact that they own a second property in the mountains.

Bernie wanted to monitor both houses simultaneously. This is how he got there using his DIY (do it yourself) mindset.

Bernie wanted to monitor two houses simultaneously, 24/7.

Choosing the camera

Bernie got D-link wireless outdoor surveillance cameras and took 4 of them to monitor the entire property, garden included. It has IR mode, which makes the video useful even if being shot at night. The mountain cottage had already been monitored using CCTV for few years.

Security camera
Bernie got immediate acces to his video feeds through laptop and smarphone.
Angelcam cloud schema

Angelcam on the scene

Bernie's focus then switched to another issue. He needed to view IP cameras from both of his properties in one place, thus began looking for a system that would:

  • Support 2 different camera brands
  • Work independently at 2 different locations at a time
  • Provide him with instant & remote access to the cameras wherever he is

He soon discovered Angelcam, a cloud-based platform that seemed to meet his needs perfectly.

Bernie signed up, connected all 7 of his security cameras and gained access to them at once.

One of the biggest time-savers was the AngelBox, a hardware plug&play device which made surveillance camera system installation a piece of cake - it eliminated the otherwise necessary steps like port forwarding or firewall setup.

How Bernie actually
watches his cameras

He found out that the most convenient way to watch the video is on the mobile phone - there is a free mobile app called Angelcam Viewer Bernie just downloaded to his android smartphone.

It's simple to use, and the internet connection speed is not a problem. 4 cameras at 15fps can perform with a 1.5Mbps upload provided by a local provider.

All of a sudden, he was also able to store the video to cloud or share it and let others watch it, if need be.

For example when the family's on vacation, they opt for the 7 or 30 day retention plan of Cloud Recording, having the recording from their entire time out accessible. When they're home, 3 days worth of recorded footage is just fine for them. This way, Bernie didn’t need to purchase any local NVR/DVR and thus doesn’t have to care about its maintenance or that it could be stolen during the robbery.

Mobile App
Live Streaming App

As time went by, Bernie's family also installed fire & motion detection alarm system and joined CMS (Central Monitoring Station). Thanks to Angelcam Video Verification app, security service can check their property through the cameras instead of going there immediately.

On top of that, thanks to the increased security of the properties, Bernie got a 20% discount on house insurance.

Having seen what security camera system can actually do, he suggested to his neighbors that they could share access to security cameras facing the street. Then they'd be able to help each other out if someone's not home and their property is in danger.

Inspired by Bernie's example? Connect your home security camera as well.

Increased security has brought Bernie a discount on house insurance