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Jablotron is one of the leading suppliers of alarms with tradition since 1990. Their systems are installed by thousands of authorized installers and are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

As a part of their services they run the largest Central Monitoring Station (CMS) in the Czech republic. Recently they decided to develop a new product called Video Verification - a service that helps operators to visually verify an alarm by camera.

Jablotron alarm

How can CMS view video using any camera brands at one place?
In cloud!

One challenge the Jablotron CMS was facing was to figure out how to integrate all their customers’ cameras to the service - just imagine thousands of customers having different camera brands, being in the different location that you need to bring to one common place.

When searching for a solution how to view all camera brands under one umbrella, they found many partners supporting just few camera types or specific camera brands, however none of them was brand agnostic. This is why they approached Angelcam - cloud based platform where it’s easy to connect any RTSP device - h264 network camera & NVR/DVRs, no matter what the brand is.

Angelcam cloud schema
“Detection of an alarm is really fast so our reaction is rapid and supported by the recorded video as evidence.”

Immediate view of alarm situation & 1-hour playback

So, how does the integration happened? Easily! Angelcam developed the Video Verification App, that lets Jablotron’s clients to connect to Angelcam cloud-based platform - from that moment, operators in Jablotron CMS are immediately able to view clients’ cameras whenever the alarm is triggered.

"We were surprised by the fast and smooth integration, team of Angelcam was able to develop the app meeting not only our needs, but went even further beyond them. Our operators appreciate the most that thanks to the unique technology developed by Angelcam there are no delays in viewing the stream, operators don’t have to wait for the stream to load, it appears immediately and keeps its quality - it’s not compressed at all. So the detection of alarm is really fast and effective, our reaction is rapid and confidently supported by the recorded video as evidence.", says Tomas Helmich, Video Services Project Manager in Jablotron.

Installing alarm

Jablotron sees the benefits of integration with Angelcam as follows:

  • Central Monitoring Station (CMS) can provide the Video Verification service (VVS) to their clients with IP cameras of any brand, which broaden the CMS's client base rapidly
  • Increased precision of the security intervention in the location — the operator can provide very detailed report to security staff to enable precise intervention
  • Increased speed of operators reactions - within few seconds all cameras in the location are checked and appropriate action taken by operator
  • In a case of verified alarm, operators can immediately inform police
  • Increased security guard safety when at the location - CMS operator can still be checking the video stream and navigate the security guards at the location
Jablotron can provide security services to their clients with IP cameras of any brand.
Video Verification App

Jablotron security dealers offering cloud video verification to their clients

The Video Verification App is offered by the chain of Jablotron resellers who market the app to all their customers. Jablotron organizes workshops for their resellers and gives them knowledge and tools to be able to connect their customers to the VVS. The Angelcam solution is the most popular among all the resellers due to its simplicity and support of all camera brands.

Angelcam provides immediate and more acurate detection of alarms using the existing cameras

What are the advantages for Jablotron customers?

  • A visual check of emergency situation visible on camera - they can verify the alarm from anywhere (tablet, phone - we have mobile app for iOS and Android)
  • The VVA works with any IP camera brand - they can just simply use their existing cameras, no need to buy any special brand or additional HW
  • Immediate & more accurate detection of alarms
  • Faster and more precise intervention by the police or other forces at the location
  • Increases the chances of perpetrators’ arrest
  • Decreases the scope of damages or robbery at the location
  • Continuous monitoring & recording of offender provides perfect proofs of evidence for police or insurance company

... and the integration continues

Jablotron plans to integrate Angelcam cloud services to their other products, such as the Video-Distress Service (VDS). The service that helps people in potentially dangerous situations to be immediately monitored by a CMS operator when you spot any suspicious behaviour around you.

Again, fast access to the real time video stream & connection of any camera brand from any location to the platform are the winning features of the Angelcam cloud-based solution, that any CMS can take a huge advantage of.

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