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Django Developer

At Angelcam, we are challenged to develop a platform centered around the Internet of things. Specifically, we are building a new client zone (control panel), API (core, stream storage) and various core components of the platform (healthchecker, snapshot proxy, mobile apps, mobile API, and interfaces for external systems (IoT sensors, alarms, ...).

It's an interesting job where you can profile the front-end (we combine Django + JS framework) and backend (except monolith in Django we have also special microservices in Python / Node.js). You will also get to experiment with embedded devices (C ++ and Rust). You should have experience developing with Python, Django and ideally with designing the architecture of a complex product.

Tech stack in Angelcam

  • we are writing in Python, Node.js, C ++ and Rust
  • we use Jenkins, Bugsnag, Loggly, Graphite, Ansible, everything is dockerized
  • our CDN has peaks around 6 Gbps, serving > 20,000 cameras
  • on Amazon S3 we have 100TB of data with growth of 15% per month
  • we do not write e-mails, we use Slack

How we work

Our work is organised around a giant whiteboard that visualize the problems we are solving right now and the ones we would like to start solving in the near future. The way we work could be described as “inspired by scrum". However, we review our way of working together and often enough (not too often) to recognise what is working out and what is not so it is (and will be) work in progress. We value working as a team and we aim to strengthen the teamwork even more.

Part of our code is public and you can find it on GitHub. It is the client in Rust that runs in IP cameras or other IoT devices, and connect them securely to the cloud.

How it works at Angelcam

  • no evidence of your attendance or vacancies. You know the best, when your team needs you
  • not happy with a code style? Deployment? Or anything else? Agree with the team and change it
  • we have Stand-up meetings every day at 10 am - in person, online
  • we have a team breakfast every Thursday, where we invite potential colleagues or interesting people we share experience with
  • once per a month we have a company-wide meetings in English
  • there are 16 of us, mostly in Prague at Hradcanska, a few colleagues in Brno and in the USA

Want to meet our team first?

Out team breakfast is ready every Thursday @ 9:30 AM, so simply stop by and meet us all. We are happy to chat about our products & technologies, answer any of your questions and get to know you better.

Join the breakfast

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