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Angelcam is helping businesses of any kind to launch new products and services in smart and Real Time Security.

Does your company provide security solutions already? Or do you want to launch a new product?

Hardware producers, central monitoring stations, mobile network operators and startups are using Angelcam’s unique end-to-end platform for smart security, from a video-capable devices discovery and connectivity services through advanced brand-agnostic cloud API supporting any video device, alarm panel and smart sensors, to web and mobile applications for operators, businesses and end-users.

Added value services, like device health monitoring, cloud recording, broadcasting, alarm video verification and more are available.

Angelcam Connector

Autodiscovery and connectivity service for video enabled devices, embeddable to almost any camera, DVR or router.


Brand agnostic unified interface for any video enabled device, alarm panel and sensor, with many value added services

Consumer apps

Web and mobile apps for alarm video verification, live video monitoring, recording, camera sharing.

Monitoring stations

Optimized for fast security incident verification and escalation to protect what you care about.

Reducing the complexity for everyone

We had used our extensive experience to build unique end-to-end brand agnostic platform for any video enabled device, alarm-panel and sensor simplifying and speeding up process of product development to a security hardware producers and enterprises, developers and integrators, and enabling them to offer a value added services.

Angelcam provides an API,

deeper technical integration and professional services to major enterprise companies and industry players. We classify business clients as those who have 15 or more cameras or are already in the security industry or want to sell “Security as a Service” to their clients. Three examples of how we have worked with major companies to provide “Security as a Service” are explained below.

For more information on how we can add vital security-based solutions to your business contact Jindrich Svetnica at sales@angelcam.com

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

MNOs are in competitive markets and need to provide new solutions to increase revenue and reduce churn.

Angelcam provides a turnkey security offering that enables the MNOs to sell recording and playback of security cameras and sensors that their residential clients already have installed.To provide a more feature-rich and robust central camera and recording solution the router used by the MNOs integrates Angelcam video services.

This service enables the connection to any camera brand that supports h.264 & RTSP and/or MJPEG. The MNOs end customer can use the storage and playback facility. The MNOs is not in the business of cameras and surveillance so Angelcam provides this expertise. The router technology is being offered to thousands of their clients and the MNOs seeks to win more clients and improve retention by offering more valuable services to their residential client base.

Intercom & physical security solutions provider

Customers want additional security features but want to use fewer vendors, so major players are partnering with innovative solutions to broaden their portfolio and provide a seamless solution.

Our customer develops and manufactures IP based intercoms and video door stations. The partnership enables Angelcam’s Cloud Recording Application based on Continuous Recording mode or/and Event-based recording mode.

This provides our customer with new revenue opportunities. In addition, we work on creating an event-based cloud recording solution with exclusive prices for their customers. This broadens its product portfolio and improves client retention.

Alarm and monitoring companies

Our client is one of the leading suppliers of alarms providing these solutions for 30 years. Their systems are installed by thousands of authorized installers. As a part of their services, they run one of the largest Central Monitoring Station (CMS) in Central Europe.

Recently they decided to develop a new video verification solution - a service that helps operators to visually verify an alarm by a camera. Their challenge was to figure out how to integrate all their customers’ various cameras to the service.When searching for a solution on how to view all camera brands under one umbrella, they found many partners supporting just a few camera types or specific camera brands, however, none of them was brand agnostic.

They then approached Angelcam – our cloud-based platform is now their solution as it’s easy to connect any RTSP device - h264 network camera & NVR/DVRs, and we support all camera manufacturers.


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