Angelcam success story

Angelcam Solution Delivers Significant Cost Reductions for Austrian MNO

Austrian MNO, implemented Angelcam’s video-based home security service into their network, substantially reducing associated implementation costs while substantially reducing the time to market, giving them a distinct competitive advantage over other MNOs.

Unfair Advantages Produced by Angelcam

Costs reduction

For our Austrian MNO client, we rapidly produced an ideal solution, eliminating the need for them to assemble an internal team, allocate the respective costs and resources, and assume the risk that team could produce a 100% bulletproof product.

Time to market reduced

The biggest risk with developing your own solution is that it will take a lot of time and that the required infrastructure won't be good enough to handle the traffic. Our Austrian MNO client saved a substantial amount of time bringing their product to market by utilizing the Angelcam connector with their LTE routers and our versatile API.

Competitive advantage gained

For our Austrian MNO client, we were able to implement our Angelcam connector directly into their router enabling a fast and secure, video-enabled device connection. Considering almost no other router on the market can do that, they gained a distinct competitive advantage.


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