Take your Home & Business
into the Cloud

Free Live Monitoring

Connect any number of cameras, regardless of location, and view them live online or from a mobile device.
  • Camera sharing
    From friends and family to business customers, share your camera streams easily, with the people who matter most.
  • Status notifications
    Stay on top of your cameras with email notifications that alert you as soon as they go offline for any reason.
  • Universal solution
    Angelcam supports over 90% of camera brands and enables seamless connection of cameras across multiple locations.
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Remote Monitoring

Coming soon
Remote surveillance of your business or home, conducted by a dedicated security team and scheduled for your convenience.
  • Complete oversight
    Our agents keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything goes according to your plan, including goods being delivered, guards making their rounds, or that everything is simply safe and secure.
  • Camera “Health Check”
    Make sure your cameras are up and running properly with notifications alerting you when things are amiss.
  • Flexible & scalable
    Pay as you go and schedule the service to meet your needs. Monthly subscription plans fit all use cases.

Cloud Recording

From $3.99 per month
Prevent loss or damage to your video footage by recording and backing it up securely to the Cloud.
  • DVR & NVR alternative
    Recordings stored in the Cloud stay safe and encrypted, unlike hardware, which is susceptible to damage and theft.
  • Actionable footage
    Track motion and other events to know when things occur, allowing you to take quick, effective action. IFTTT is fully supported.
  • Download and share clips
    Quickly create and download short video clips and share them with the authorities or insurers.

Camera Broadcasting

From $4 per month
Broadcast publicly and promote your business by easily embedding IP camera footage to your website.
  • Access you control
    Take your broadcast public or keep it private with the option to set up password protection.
  • Promote your business
    Attract new customers by adding your logo to the footage and watch over the data in analytics.
  • IFTTT supported
    Use an IFTTT device to start or stop your broadcast based on the time of the day or any other custom event.
  • See examples of broadcasting


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Easily create Timelapse videos from your recorded footage.
  • Days, months or even years captured in a few beautiful minutes
    - festivals, exibitions and other events
    - beach and ski resorts
    - construction progress
    - city life

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Turnstile Monitoring

Search for instances of two people entering on a single ticket, membership card, etc.


Get a notification when someone stays on or around your property for an extended period of time.


Blur the faces of people in your videos, keeping your customers anonymous.

Boundary Monitoring

Draw a line in video and get notified when a person or an object crosses it.