Angelcam’s mission

We are accelerating physical security from being reactive to proactive. With Angelcam, almost any security camera, alarm, speaker, or fog cannon can be connected to the cloud and made smarter.

"At Angelcam, we're not driven by the bottom line, but rather by the desire to safeguard that which we treasure - our family and friends, our home and business, and our very peace of mind - and empowering others around the world to do the same.

From our cloud-based software to our cameras, sensors, and smart security devices, our solutions go a long way to empowering our users to more effectively protect that which they care about most.

We hope to continue to capitalize on the advancements in technology, introducing new, exciting ideas and products that test the limits of home and business safety and security and a person's role in how it all works. Stay tuned!"


Petr Ocasek CEO, Angelcam

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Angelcam is...


by over 150,000 users worldwide


to over 50,000 security devices


cloud services in over 200 countries

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Angelcam is a venture-capital-backed company
listed on 500 Startups’ global Top 500 Startups list

Experienced leadership


Petr Ocasek CEO, Co-founder

Petr is an innovative, results-oriented leader with an intensity that is only matched by his passion for company growth and development. More likely to take high-level risks than his other executive counterparts, Petr can quickly assess the potential of a new opportunity and capitalize accordingly, seeing viable possibilities where others may not.

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Join our team, join our purpose

We’re always looking for high-performing individuals that are driven to succeed, have a passion for what they do, and bring an open mind to the table.

We’re a value-driven company with a diverse team that embody those values.


As true practitioners of KISS (keep it simple, stupid) we work hard to keep things simple.

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Progress can only be achieved in an atmosphere where all voices are heard and transparency is a living reality.

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The sheer objectivity of data, and the facts lying underneath it all, help guide our decision-making process.

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We have the courage to fail, because being wrong and learning from it means becoming smarter and more experienced.

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Freedom and Responsibility

By striking down bureaucracy and organizational structure, we can foster an environment where everyone is engaged and contributing to the company goals.

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From developers and universities to distributors and system integrators, our global partnerships allow us to innovate in a way that others can’t.

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By paying it forward, sharing our knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and the wider community, we deepen our connections and broaden our growth.

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As the saying goes, “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’”. We stay grounded and work in a collaborative environment where everyone is an equal part of our success.

What our people say

We asked members of the team what they thought about life at Angelcam and here is what they said.


“For me, the best part about working at Angelcam is its vision and how it inspires me personally and professionally. I’m very happy to be part of the journey.”

Henry, Senior Business Developer


“My personal mission is to help people feel safer and more secure through our technology.”

Ondrej, Senior Developer

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