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Gain peace of mind and better protect your home or business with Angelcam’s real-time, cloud-based security solutions.

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Easily connect and manage your cameras, sensors, and smart security devices all in one place.

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Monitor & Share

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Access your cameras remotely and easily share your views with others.
  • See everything as it that happens
  • Ensure the safety of that which matters most
  • Share your camera views with family, friends, or whomever you want

Record & access

Catch everything you missed
View past recordings and take appropriate action with our safe and secure off-site video storage.
  • Record your camera views at all times
  • Easily review your recorded footage at any time
  • Share important activity with relevant parties, including insurance companies or the authorities

Validate & react

Take immediate action
Monitor your security in real time or get alerts that ensure you can always make rapid, informed decisions.
  • Prevent false alarms for good
  • Remotely access smart security devices or even disarm triggered alarms
  • Make informed decisions when it matters most
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Backed by powerful technology, our cloud-based services are secure, flexible, and reliable.
Protected access

Private and secure

Our services are 100% anonymous and utilize Amazon’s secure cloud-based technology with SSL protection.

Brand agnostic

Brand agnostic

We support almost all camera brands and manufacturers.

Data cloud

Always on

99.9 % uptime / availability

Getting started is free and easy
Protecting what you care about most is easier and more effective with Angelcam. Sign up for free now!
Getting started with Angelcam is free and easy